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Q & A with Jacqueline M. Peros, Image & Style Expert

Happy New Year!

Today, we have the lovely & talented Jacquie M. Peros [photo credit: JMP Style] with us. Jacquie is a Twitter friend of mine. Not only does she run her own image & styling company, she is also currently the President of the AICI New York Tri-State Chapter.

Often, I think online personalities reveal real personalities. Jacquie is well-mannered, engaging, helpful and stylish, of course! I wanted to learn more about her. Jacquie graciously agreed to a Q & A session with me [a few days before Christmas no less!] Enjoy!

1. Kindly brief us on your background. How long have you been a stylist? Why did you become a stylist?

I worked in marketing for most of my professional career up until three years ago. My father had passed away unexpectedly and it was then that I started to rethink my profession. If I was going to work 80 hours a week, I might as well love what I do. I have two degrees; fashion merchandising and buying and marketing so I decided to go back to school (Fashion Institute of Technology) and further my fashion expertise. I began my studies in Image consulting because it was a great marriage of my corporate marketing background and my love for fashion.

2.] What exactly is the AICI? Is it the only certifying-body for image consultants? What's required to become AICI-credentialed?

AICI stands for Association of Image Consultants International and it is a 20 year old non-profit organization that consists of a global network of image consultants and stylists that specialize in appearance, behavior and communication. There are 22 chapters worldwide and I am currently the president of the New York Tri-State Chapter which is the largest and most diverse. Anyone in the field of fashion or other related industries can join. One does not have to be certified to become a member. However, like any other industry association, there are various levels of expertise one can further achieve: FLC stands for First Level of Certification, CIP, Certified Image Professional and CIM which is Certified Image Master. The higher the level, the more qualified and skilled that image expert is.

3.] What's your favorite stylist trick?

I will not leave home without Fashion-Fix (double-sided adhesive tape)! This is great for showing clients proper placement of clothes and also great for photo shoots.

4.] What's the best part/worst part of the job?

Best part of my job is seeing opportunities open up for my clients after we work on their transformations. The worst part of my job is sometimes not being able to manage my time more effectively. I think time management is a challenge for most business owners. However, I can’t really say that this is the worst part since I truly love what I do J

5.] What are some trends for spring 2011?

Here is my 140 characters tweet on the trends:

Light & lovely color palette | bold color palette | mix & match prints| soft flowy silhouettes | sheer| flared bottoms | 70's inspired looks

6.] Where's your favorite place to shop?

Lord & Taylor. I’ve been a huge fan of this retailer for years now. They have a great selection of well made apparel and fabulous accessories at reasonable prices. Also, a great shopping experience for my petite and plus size clients.

7.] What's the biggest mistake women make when dressing themselves?

Not understanding their body shape. Many women want to shop trends and ignore whether or not these trends enhance their silhouette or take away from their silhouette. I try to emphasize how to use clothing to accentuate, balance and camouflage their body.

8.] Do you have a prized possession in your closet?

I have a mink jacket that was handed down to me from my grandmother. The detail and quality is amazing but more importantly, the sentimentality is what I love best about it ;)

9.] Describe your personal style.

My style is classic with a twist of “edginess” which I do through my accessories. I love a classic modern look with a bold piece of jewelry.

10.] How you keep up to date on the latest fashions?

I’m an avid reader of magazines and not just apparel magazines. I look at a lot of home design magazines because they are a good indicator of fashion trends. I’m also a member of FGI (Fashion Group International) and I attend their trend presentations. Lastly, living in New York City gives me a lot of insight into what trends are coming up.

11.] Who's your dream client?

I don’t necessarily have a dream client as I LOVE working with underprivileged women and giving them the tools they need to recognize their fabulousness and welcome the opportunities that will come their way. However, I have thought about how fun it would be to give Kim Kardashian a make under! J I think she is so beautiful but often her clothes, make up, etc. is over done and not necessary.

Jacquie, thank you so much for your time! To talk to Jacquie, check out her website or follow her on Twitter like I do @imagestylexpert. Best wishes Jacquie for 2011!

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