Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Graze Anatomy

Ok, this post has nothing to do with Grey's Anatomy; I just needed a reason to use Dr. McDreamy's photo. =) By the way, this post has been approved by my hubster. I have a confession. I don't like dinner. If left to my own devices, I'd happily graze away preferring to have breakfast and lunch foods throughout the day. The thing is ... I have a family. They need to be fed and nurtured. Everyone is very happy when Mommy can whip up a dinner. It is a small miracle when this happens. Now realize, I'm an organized person. However, when it comes to food, I'm a really spontaneous, moody eater. I want a dinner that meets the following criteria: can be made in less than 15 minutes preparation time, 10 items or less (no exotic spices, please!) and nutritious. Email me your recipes. My family thanks you in advance. Modestly yours, Dena


Anonymous said...

1. Day old cold pasta sans sauce.
2. Two tbsp olive oil.
3. Two tbsp crushed garlic.
4. Left over steamed broccoli.

Add oil, garlic to frying pan. Heat until sizzling. Stir in pasta. Stir in broccoli. Stir until pasta and broccoli evenly heated. Serve and eat immediately. Time: 8-10 minutes.

Dena said...

That's my kinda' recipe. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

that recipe does sound great for all of my left over pasta and broccoli. I actually just threw broccoli away tonight, I should have saved it. Darn....