Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Focus on Fashion

Dear FIF modestistas,

Many of you emailed that you loved the A-Z store directory on the blog. Thank you! I'm adding a few more retailers to the list: Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Garnet Hill, J.Crew and Polo. Where are you shopping? Email me at faithinfashion@comcast.net. Or post directly to this entry.

I came across a great article, "Audrey Hepburn, Where are You In Our Hour of Need? written by Guiomar Barbi. Here's a paragraph from the full text:
"It's not your 13-year-old daughter's fault that she dresses decadently; it's yours. For starters, don't buy your daughter clothes that you think are improper. If you see that she is wearing something unsuitable, don't allow her to leave the house. As her parent, you should demand respect from her. This is where a strong father figure plays a huge role in a young woman's life. A mother instills a sense of style, dignity, and grace in a young girl but her father should tell her if she is dressed inappropriately. If she is elegant and modest, men will have more respect for her, her peers will have more respect for her and more importantly, she will have more respect for herself."
How influential was your father in your life? My Dad took me to buy my first "interview" suit. He was Mr. Quality Control. He carefully looked at how the suit was constructed. He'd turn the garment inside out and check the stitching. And tug on the zippers and the buttons. He had definite opinions, "I don't like that color on you." "That doesn't really flatter you." His criticisms were born out of love and care. And divine, discerning taste. Thanks Dad! I love you.

Bye for now. Good luck with all your shopping! Dena

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Anonymous said...

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