Friday, September 29, 2006

Blog Like You Mean It

It seems that, lately, it is taking me much longer to find appropriate clothing. What is "appropriate" for me? I like using the old-fashioned word, "modesty". I believe in modesty. Modesty in apparel AND attitude. I think modesty as a virtue is often ignored. I want this blog to transcend religions and ages. I am not here to dictate modesty standards. I am here to facilitate a discussion on modesty. I want to collect, catalog and share articles, links and resources on the modest lifestyle. One caveat: Just because I link to a website, it DOESN'T mean I like every article of clothing that that retailer has to offer. "Modest-istas" are sophisticated and savvy. They know how to cherry pick across labels and create their own signature look! I will be profiling specific pieces and outfits. I want this blog to grow organically. I am not going to limit myself to an editorial calendar of topics. I am NOT a fashion insider. I don't have staff. I am a wife and mother of two girls. I hope this blog will inspire you. Keep the content coming my FIF friends! Together, we can make a difference. Be boldly modest and beautiful. Regards, Dena

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Anonymous said...

I see where you are coming from and can totally relate. I am a grandmother with 3 grandkids. The 10 and almost 8 year old girls are very stylish and finding them their look is very difficult. Any recommendations?jm