Sunday, March 06, 2011

Are the Clothes You Are Wearing Making You Look Heavier? Look 5 lbs. Thinner with These Tips!

Melissa McGraw caught my eye on Twitter, as co-founder of the popular women's website, She has since sold the company & in her entrepreneurial way started a new venture, The Fashion Potential. The Fashion Potential website offers workshops and products for individuals interested in entering the fashion industry and for fashion firms wanting a competitive edge. Thanks Melissa for guest blogging for Faith In Fashion! We hope that The Fashion Potential reaches its fullest potential ;-D

Who can’t stand to lose a few pounds especially with Spring right around the corner? But if the
gym is absolutely the last place you want to be right now then read below for more tips! You can instantly look thinner in just seconds without lifting a weight or doing a single crunch. Here are some of my tips on how to look your best in an instant!
  1. Don’t wear baggy clothes because you are a.) too lazy to get something tailored or b.) want to camouflage a few pounds. It will only make you look bigger in the long run. Accent your best feature and run with it - maybe it is your small waist or enviable Michelle Obama - like arms. Why not try a wrap dress or sleeveless sheath dress that will accent both? In the office, layer a short sleeve cardigan or jacket over the look.

2. Remember how your parents told you to stand up straight? Well, I'm afraid they were right and it makes you look thinner instantly when you do!

3. Watch your fabrics - love that boucle tweed, heavy knit, or satin skirt? Depending on your body type, it can actually be not as flattering as you think. If you have more of an hourglass or pear shape, it may draw attention to your hips. Wearing an A-line skirt in a lightweight wool or cotton will draw attention to your waist while floating away from the body.

4. Want your legs to look long and lean? Try wearing a pointed heel or even a flat. It visually gives that extra length if you are petite or short in stature. You can select a classic black pump or have some fun with a bold flat, like this hot pink flat featured below.

5. Pleats - we know they are a trend this season but they can make you 10 lbs. heavier when you think you are camouflaging a belly. Stick to a flat front pant.

These are just a few tips that can help enhance the body you have now instead of the body you had way back when!

Melissa McGraw is the CEO/Founder of the newly launched website, The Fashion Potential. If you are serious about style and have a passion for fashion, why not find a way to get involved with the industry you love? Follow Melissa on Twitter: @fashpotential or "LIKE" The Fashion Potential on FB.


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