Sunday, February 06, 2011

2011 Spring Trend: Long Skirts

Today, in honor of the Green Bay Packers playing in Super Bowl XLV, I'm featuring Kimberly Gomez, a Wisconsin fashion blogger & the President of Impeccable Image LLC , an image consulting & fashion styling company.

Kimberly talks about the 2011 Spring Trend: Long Skirts. Read on ...

"This spring, one of the trends is long skirts, which totally excites me. I've always loved long skirts and have worn them for years for a number of reasons including that they're more comfortable than short skirts because you don't have to worry about anything showing or hanging out.

You may or may not have heard the "rule" that if you're vertically challenged you shouldn't wear long skirts. Ignore it. I'm 5'4" and don't think I look stumpy or any other negative adjective, wearing a long skirt. So you won't either! Just remember to not wear a long skirt with a lot of volume, pleats or gathers that will make it look overly large or frumpy. If you're tall and thin, you have more leeway to wear long skirts with volume, but don't go overboard.

Long bottoms and long tops don't go together; so don't wear long jackets or tops with long skirts. Mid-hip should be the longest length you wear. Also, make sure the jacket or blouse is more tailored and not boxy or voluminous.

Whenever I talk about dresses or skirts, I always have to mention slips. Slips are not out of style . Unless you wear a very thick, tight fabric such as denim, corduroy or thick wool, you should always wear a slip. Just because a dress or skirt has a lining doesn't mean you can go without a slip. Most linings are see-through; so to be safe, put on a slip [see photo above]. It's easy and only takes an extra 15 seconds.

Slips come in many colors and lengths. I suggest you buy a few in both flesh tone and black at the different lengths of skirts and dresses you wear. Don't wear a really short slip with a long skirt. You'll be able to see where it ends; not a good look.

Have fun this spring and send us pictures of you in long skirts. Cheers!"

Big thanks Kimberly for your time! Great advice on how to rock a long skirt. If you're like me and love Twitter, follow Kimberly @impeccableimage !


cis said...

Looking good, Kimberly! Thanks for the Spring preivew! (Yeah Packers!)

Chandra said...

Yes, I just blogged about this and I am a fan of certain long skirts!

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