Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pet Peeve Du Jour

In The New Emily Post's Etiquette book, Ms. Post writes about gum chewing. "Chewing gum, in itself, if done quietly and unobtrusively, is not unattractive. But when one does it with grimaces, open mouth, smacks, crackles and pops, and worst of all with bubbles, it is in the worst of taste." I think the cardinal principle of etiquette is thoughtfulness. This implies concern for the effect of your actions on those around you. I like gum. I generally chew gum when I cook (so I won't nibble!) and when I am unable to brush my teeth after a meal to freshen up my breath. In a work situation, I think gum chewing can be a career damaging habit. What do you think? Is it difficult to talk to someone while he/she noisily chomps on his/her wad of gum? Do you play Etiquette Police and take the "offender" aside and ask him/her to please stop, or perhaps chew more quietly?

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Anonymous said...

I too think chewing gum can be slightly uncouth if done in the wrong way. I believe mainly that it’s a time & place for everything. If you're just relaxing with friends minding your own business, & chewing or popping is accepted, then why not? But at formal events, no way. Keep it in your mouth. Check it!