Friday, February 16, 2007

Miss Utah Katie Millar

Congrats to Miss Utah Katie Millar for securing a top 10 place in the recently held Miss America beauty contest. Miss Millar garnered a lot of press for being the only contestant to wear a one-piece modest swimsuit in the physical fitness segment (see photo). Contestants had 76 options for two-piece swimsuits and only 6 options for the one-piece swimsuits. Miss Millar wanted to make a statement about modesty. When Miss Millar, a Mormon and Brigham Young University student, did make the top 10, she said,
I get to wear my one-piece swimsuit on national TV and hopefully a girl will see that she doesn't have to show a lot of skin to get attention or do well in society today.
To date, Miss Millar has won $21,000 in scholarship money. Read the full article written by Sharon Haddock and Amy Choate-Nielsen. Why do designers generally select fun, bold, vibrant fabric for the bikini and not the one-piece swimsuit?

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