Thursday, January 25, 2007

SpaRitual Nail Lacquer

Yesterday, I got in touch with my inner sybarite and had a lovely lavender and peppermint manicure. I selected a beautiful orange-y pink SpaRitual nail lacquer color named Must Be Lust ($9). SpaRitual - one letter away from spiritual - is the first luxury vegan brand dedicated to the spa tradition. I generally use O.P.I. ($5.50) Fave colors in the intense red and orange hues include: Dutch Tulips, I'm Not Really a Waitress and My Chihuahua Bites! I generally keep my nails short and just apply a pale polish. Essie ($4.75) has great sheers like Mademoiselle, Prima Ballerina and Sugar Daddy. What's your favorite color? How much are you willing to pay for a bottle of polish? What's your favorite spa ritual? Post. I want to hear from you. Share your knowledge. Happy Friday! Dena


Anonymous said...

Get a diligent manicurist who doesn't rush the paint job and make sure you allot enough time for drying. I also put on an extra coat of OPI top coat when I get home. I can generally go almost 5 days without a chip and I type away at my keyboard a lot. For a splurge, check out for great nail products. Keep up the great work Dena!


Anonymous said...

I went to an upscale salon to get a deluxe mani. The mani stations were filthy and the hot towels used on my hands were ratty, holey, ugly-colored rags. Yuk! So disappointed. Never going back. Voting with my feet. Not good at confrontation. Do these places ever get audited by the health department?


Anonymous said...

Pedicure Dilemma - To Shave or not to shave?

My sister and I who live in different cities often catch up with each other over a pedicure. Sitting side by side in bubbling relaxing foot baths is such a treat.

Her pedicurist in Richmond said to never shave off your callouses. She said to use a pumice stone while feet were still damp out of the shower, followed by something like Sally Hansen Just Feet Spa Foot Creme. Do it regularly, she advised.

Anybody have any advice as to whether the foot 'cheese slicer' has any real lasting benefits?

And just to combine the faith you think Jesus knew about reflexology from Egypt when he was doing all that foot washing and massaging. Whatever the motivation, it was a 'good thing' as Martha would say.


Anonymous said...

my new favorite is O.P.I's GOT THE BLUES FOR RED. don't be shocked at how dark is appears in the bottle, comes out beautifully! perfect shade of red.
~meatball mama

Dena said...

Ok, the whole pumice stone thing just doesn't work for me ... My latest and greatest tool is my MicroPlane foot file ($22 from Beauty First) ... its ad says "from the woodshop to the salon". It is a cheese grater-like tool that works best on dry skin - no soak prior to use. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The perfect shade of red is hard to come by. Have a nice weekend!