Monday, January 01, 2007


I subscribe to the Madeleine Albright philosophy on handbags. The former U.S. Secretary of State likes to enter a room without holding anything in her hands. If she needed a purse, I'm sure her assistant was literally "holding the bag". I, too, love not being weighed down by a purse. Sometimes when I try a big "IT" bag I feel like a poseur. Not that there's anything wrong with these bags. It's just not me. I look for a contemporary appearance, and sleek, quality design in my bags like the Rafe tote (right). I'm more of a vertical leather tote modestista. I'm attracted to the very practical file-folder size silhouette and the easy maintenance. I use an L.L. Bean travel wallet to securely keep all my cards and receipts and organize my cosmetics and supplies by using small micro mesh pouches. Now if someone could just modernize the "fanny pack" (and please rebrand/rename it!). What's your "purse"-onality? Happy 2007!

The Vertical Courier, Dena

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Anonymous said...

i tend to dress a little "plain jane", but when it comes to purses, i really like them to POP! my son is now 2, so for the last 2 years, my purses have been kinda large... so i can carry a diaper or two, a juice box, antibacterial wipes, crayons, etc... but without having to carry those frumpy one-size diaper bags. ICK! my favorite so far has been the patent leather Kate Spade medium hobo... in yellow of course!