Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Viva Vox Sacra!

Seattle-based Vox Sacra (Latin for "sacred voice") is positioned as the first luxury Christian brand. Shawn McNally, the founder and creative director, creates clothing that imbues messages of faith, love and grace through ancient images, calligraphy and intricate fabric appliques.
"My vision is that our products will open conversations between people of faith and people searching for hope and meaning in their life."
The Crown with Star luxury long sleeve scoop neck tee (left) normally retails for $95. Purchase the tee at 50% off only this week at Vox Sacra. Yes, it's expensive. Yet the fabric is amazing and buttery soft! I think this type of shirt looks best on a woman who has a vertical body type, long limbs and a lean torso. If you don't want a too-snug fit, go up one size. Special fabric requires special care. Dry clean or hand wash in luke warm water with Woolite. 7% of all Vox Sacra revenue is donated to the Rafiki Foundation.
"Whatever your perception of Christian clothing is, toss it out the window," says McNally, who is convinced that faith and a love of fashion are not mutually exclusive.
No cheesy Jesus t-shirts ! Do you like Christian symbology on your clothing? Leave a comment. I want to hear from you. Dena

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