Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Praise of Mom Jeans

Daily News Staff reporter Timmi Toler writes a funny piece about the virtues of "mom jeans". Here's an excerpt:
I say let mom jeans be the beginning of women taking back their privacy. I feel like we've let our daughters - and ourselves - walk around half-dressed for way too long. Style should not be dictated by industry. It should be designed by each of us to fit our lifestyles.
Read more ... Ms. Toler believes that one can't be modest and stylish. I respectfully disagree. You can look current and covered! Want to read more about "mom jeans"? Read Carol Band's article.

Do you own a pair of "mom jeans" i.e., jeans that sit at your natural waistline? Post anonymously. If you're completely confused about denim, check out Oprah's Genius Jean makeovers with fashion expert Stacy London. You can be hip & practical. Ciao, Dena


Anonymous said...

Actually, I do believe you can be modest and fashionable. But I don't believe that fashion needs to be dictated to the masses to the point of shaming women for having the bodies we have. I heart mom jeans - and there are many mom jeans that are fashionable out there. But my fashion isn't the same as that of someone in their 20s :). Thanks for including the column. I've enjoyed reading your site and special thanks for turning me on to Carol Band. She's great!

Dena said...

Dear Ms. Toler,

I am thrilled that you left a comment on my blog! Thank you so much for clarifying your point of view. Any recommendations for blogs or resources on the modest lifestyle? Thanks for your interest. Visit again soon.



Anonymous said...

Hehe, this article gave me a slight chuckle. This is coming from a 20-year old.

I have to mention that there are plenty of women in their teens and twenties who don't want to wear overly tight or overly low low-rise jeans. I admit to wearing low-rise jeans, but they were still within normal wearing limits (thanks to Levi's). I've also noticed that a lot of low-rise jeans have a bad tendency where the legs always go far below the heel and showing a person's backside crack (American Eagle being a prime example). Being short, this means I have to pay a tailor sums of money to get them altered since petite sizes aren't really petite any more.

No doubt, there are jeans that are definitely “mom” jeans, but there are plenty of higher rise jeans that are stylish, comfortable, and practical and would really fit women from any age group, mom or not. I find it very sad that many teenage girls automatically label jeans that don't show their butt crack as “mom” jeans or not fashionable. There are women who wear “mom” jeans and can look good doing so (plenty of women in the 1950s could do it). It's really all about how a woman matches her outfits, how it fits, and how she behaves.

Not that I'd wear “mom” jeans, but if a woman looks good pulling it off, she should do it.

Dena said...

Thanks for your comments!

I'm tall and I still have to have my jeans hemmed too! Hey remember Nordie's does free alterations.