Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fashion Quest

Before my last trip to NYC, I did some online searches to help me organize my shopping day. I skimmed Lucky Magazine's NYC local shopping guide. It was a start. What I really wanted to see was a street map with all the stores marked on it. I hit pay dirt when I found Fashion Planet's wonderful maps (exactly as I had imagined)!!! On the home page, select the "Windows on NY" tab. You can drill down for information by street or by retailer name and also link to each retailer's website. For now, Fashion Planet only includes Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, 57th street and the museums. For information on the Lower East side, Meat Packing district, NoLita, SoHo, and Brooklyn, check out the Style Maven website. How do you navigate in NYC?


trish said...

Don't you feel like you are getting ripped off when you shop in NY? Aren't the prices so much higher than at home? I have been to NY several times for events, but have never purchased one thing.

Dena said...

A change of scenery is good for the soul. I like getting a visual snapshot of what's hot right now. I like to get out of my comfort zone and go exploring. The highlight of my day was lunch at Bergdorf's - the walnut bread with butternut squash soup was amazing! I like to see first-hand some of the stores that I've only visited online in order to make wiser future purchases. Prices are higher in NYC; however, I think you need to remember cost per wear when you buy (price x usage). Have fun and keep it fresh!

Dena said...

Also, remember that price is relative ... European travelers love to shop in NYC because of the dollar's weakness vs. the pound making the U.S. goods cheaper vs. buying abroad.

meatball_mama said...

i prepare to shop in NYC by searching on the internet before heading up. printing out subway maps, neighborhood maps, and post-it noting any places of interest, including address & telephone #. to cut down on costs, TAKE THE SUBWAY. sometimes not the cleanest, but it's quick, goes everywhere, and seems safer than riding in a cab. if you've riden in a NYC taxi, you understand what i mean. you may be a little intimidated by the local New Yorker, but don't be afraid to ask a friendly face! wear comfy shoes (Naturalizer & Dansko are my MUST HAVES), and just have fun exploring!
~stacey q.