Saturday, November 04, 2006

10 1/2 Guidelines for Hip, Modest Dressing

My top 10 1/2 guidelines for dressing stylishly and appropriately are:
  1. Know your body type. Look in the mirror and evaluate your form. Are you curvaceous? Or do you have long limbs and a lean torso? Accept what's right in front of you in the mirror.
  2. Everything you buy off the rack will not fit you perfectly. Get a tailor! An outfit that fits looks classier and more elegant.
  3. Edit down your wardrobe. Get current! When you're confident that everything in your closet fits, dressing quickly and well is a lot easier.
  4. Opt for quality over quantity of goods. Value is comprised of two components: price and usage (number of times an item is worn). Don't just buy something because it's on sale!
  5. Shop in stores that have liberal return policies like Nordstrom's. Every modestista has the right to change her mind about the suitability of a piece post-purchase.
  6. Splurge on the timeless basics. Funk up simple outfits with great jewelry and shoes.
  7. All skin tones are not created equal. Don't wear colors that make you look pale or washed out.
  8. Don't forget good posture. Proper posture makes everything look better. You're instantly thinner in 2 seconds! Sigourney Weaver has great posture; Mary-Kate Olsen does not.
  9. Shopping is an activity; selection is an art. Choose wisely. Know what your lifestyle needs are and shop smart.
  10. Think outfits, not pieces. To extend wardrobe pieces , think about what you can mix and match. 1/2. Confidence is your best accessory!
To read more on this topic, go to Fashionable At Any Age and Fashion After 40. What's on your top 10 1/2 list? Please share a comment.

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